Featuring Zyra Lee Vanity


 Zyra Lee Vanity, also known as Toronto’s Urban Desire, is a Burlesque performer and producer. She is known for her high energy routines, unique and beautiful costuming, as well as mixing Afro-Caribbean culture with vintage burlesque glamour.

Zyra is a multi award winning Burlesque performer, winning titles such as “Best Burlesque” at the 2018 Arizona Burlesque Festival and “Belle of the Ball” at the 2018 New Orleans Burlesque Festival. In 2016, Zyra  was one of the opening acts for Dita Von Teese at Northbound Leather’s 26th Anniversary Show, and was a keynote speaker at Catalyst Con West in Los Angeles, California. Zyra Lee Vanity has also performed at notable burlesque venues such as Duane Park NYC and at notable events such as the Toronto International Porn Awards.

From the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival to the New York Burlesque Festival, Zyra has graced stages at festivals, trade show shows, expos and conferences throughout Canada and the USA. She’s been featured on Playboy Radio, Sex City Radio, and has been a panelist at several conferences and expos.

Meet our performers

Amethyst Howl

Amethyst Howl is performing at Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!
photo by Fubarfoto

 Amethyst Howl is with us all the way from Vancouver! Amethyst brings her unique brand of cosmic theatrics to burlesque stages both as a member of the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society and as a student with the Vancouver Burlesque Company. A dark goddess from another dimension, it is uncertain whether she is here to seduce or to destroy. Either way, she is sure to entertain! 

photo:  Fubarfoto

A'Slayna Von Hunt


 A'Slayna Von Hunt, the deadly dame you can't resist. The resident booker and madam at A-Toi, A'Slayna combines classic burly glamour with the discipline of a dancer, and decades of weapons skills adds just a dash of danger. Recently performing at Toronto Burlesque Festival, Oasis Aqualounge, Cherry Cola's and The SpeakEasy at Revival, A'Slayna is loving the Toronto Burlesque Scene. She is also a company member and soloist with High Society Cabaret, and was a member of the cast nominated for a Broadway World Award. This year A'Slayna is thrilled to take her magnetizing acts on the road. 

Edith Meowt

Edith Meowt is performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 She is a curvy mix of sexy, silly, and nerdy! Edith Meowt has been shaking 'dat ass' since 2015, but she is no stranger to the stage life, having been involved in theater for over 10 years. She is also a lifetime nerd, with her greatest loves being Star Wars, The Evil Dead, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, WWE, and Games of Thrones! Her booty pop will make your jaw drop, be sure not to miss out on Miss Edith Meowt! 


 Força is performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!
photo: Frank Lam

 Drawing her name from her Portuguese heritage, Força the Lady-King is a woman on fire. Dubbed Toronto’s “force of nature”, her acts are as changing and unpredictable as the elements. Força’s signature high energy choreography, enigmatic facial expressions, dynamic audience interaction, comedic timing, and powerful stage presence bring both classic decadence and neo-burlesque fantasies to life to create an experience that is evocative in every sense. A trained actor, director, and designer, she is an award-winning performer who is sure to leave your heart racing. Both brains and beauty, Força is presently pursuing her PhD, where she writes about burlesque! 

photo: Frank Lam

Gigi Marx

Gigi Marx is performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 The communist little sister of groucho marx, Gigi loves combining theatre, comedy, and dance to put her poli-tits on display. Glam-scamming her way onto stage with costumes she probably finished 20 minutes before the show, Miss Marx will bump, grind, and bumble into your heart and pants. 

Kandy Secret

Kandy Secret will be performing in Ottawa's fifth annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 Kandys Secret has a track record of winning over audiences with her glamorous sparkly style and seductive performances. She was in last years Ottawa International Burlesque Festival and she has performed at The Rainbow Bistro, The Bourbon Room as well Live On Elgin and House Of Targ. She has also graced the stage In Carlton Place.  “The sugar coated treat, bathed in mystique” Kandy’s Secret! 

Mistress Mae

Mistress Mae is performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!
photo: Victor S. Device

 Mistress Mae started her burlesque Career in 2017, and has never looked back. Since her debut she has won the 2017 "People's Choice Award" at Ottawa Burlesque Idol, and has been performing across Ottawa. 

Rhapsody Blue

Rhapsody Blue is performing at Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 Rhapsody Blue (@rhapsodyburlesque) is a fire artist, stripper, sex work advocate, theatrical choreographer, and producer of Ottawa's only weekly burlesque show, Burlesque Wednesdays at The Bourbon Room. She is the resident hostess of Naked Boys Reading. To date, she is the only artist to take her bra off on stage at the National Arts Centre. She was once featured as family entertainment... but only once.  

Roman Hanz

Roman Hanz is performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 Roman Hanz, a goofball boylesque performer who hates pants and loves you. Cheeky, in every sense of the word, his acts are known to make audiences laugh and blush at the same time. 

Rosie Bourgeoisie

See Rosie Bourgeoisie at the Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 Rosie Bourgeoisie is a Montreal born and bred superstar, loving all things shiny and sparkly since the day they first performed on stage at the tender age of five. Their experience on the stage has included dance, burlesque, drag, musical theatre and clown, centering their practice on reclaiming space in the performing arts for bigger and differently-abled bodies. Bringing their passionate energy and imaginative presence to the stage, Rosie combines femininity with queer sensuality to inspire people of all genders and body types to embrace their power and beauty.   Entrez dans un monde d'opulences et de luxure avec des représentations toujours plus extravagantes de la voluptueuse Rosie Bourgeoisie. Costumière, professeur, productrice, infleuseur et queer activiste. Dramatique, séduisante, féminine, elle ne néglige aucun aspect afin de vous tenir en haleine. Vous en redemanderez encore... 

Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon is performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 Ruby Moon (@missrubymoon) is an international award winning burlesque performer, teacher, and producer based out of Guelph Ontario, and has been putting the ass in class since 2012. In 2014 she was the winner of the National Strip Search competition, and in the same year was awarded best act at the National Burlypicks competition, and at the international Burlypicks she took home best dancer, best costume, and legend’s choice. The following year she won the Burlypicks Master of Amazement. She has been stunning audiences all around the world, and has performed in the Toronto Burlesque Festival, the Montreal Burlesque Festival, the Ottawa International Burlesque Festival, the World Burlesque Games, and the New York Burlesque Festival. Though she is most well know for moving audiences to tears with her elegant fan dances, she can just as easily turn you on, warm your heart, dazzle you, or make you laugh. Ruby is also a co-founder of Guelph's premier burlesque troupe, The Femmes Rebelles. 

photo: Dolly Shots Photography

Saffron St. James


 Toni Tabasco, the High Flyin' Hottie, is an award-winning aerialist as well as a burlesque performer. She has performed in venues and festivals all over the USA as well as London and Prague. 

Toni Tabasco


  Toni Tabasco, the High Flyin' Hottie, is an award-winning aerialist as well as a burlesque performer. She has performed in venues and festivals all over the USA as well as London and Prague.  

Critical Miss & Retro Joad


Critical Miss and Retro Joad  of House of Tease, Crystal Basement and Eddie May Mysteries, will guide you through the opening night at the 2019 Capital Burlesque Expo! 

Friday, April 12th


 Get your weekend passes to see all three sparkling shows!