Sunday, april 14th

Featuring Broody Valentino


 Medianoche, dubbed “Sin in an Hourglass”, has charmed audiences throughout the U.S. and around the world – from select venues in Europe and as far as Singapore, Australia, and Russia.

Crowned Miss Exotic World / Queen of Burlesque at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas in June 2017, Medianoche has also been awarded Queen of Burlesque in New Orleans. She has been featured for six years running in 21stCentury Burlesque’s list of Top 50 Burlesque performers, and is currently voted #7 in the world.

Medianoche is based in New York City.

Meet our performers

Betty Bright Eyes


 Known for her ample curves, upbeat choreography, and big bright eyes, this performer has been gracing Ottawa stages for just over 5 years. She adores bringing her east coast charm and humour into her routines and she loves leaving her audiences with a warm smile or dropped jaws.  Over the years, she has taken burlesque dance courses at Dance with Alana, The Ottawa Burlesque Academy and Serpentine Studios Halifax. She has performed previously in the Ottawa Burlesque Festival, Capital Pride, Sexapalooza, Nature Nocturne at the Candian Museum of Nature, and more. With her big attitude and bigger heart, she has also flirted her way across stages in Gatineau, Montreal, and Halifax and she's not ready to stop there.  Give it up for the east coast lass with a pint of class, Miss Betty Bright-Eyes. 

Celesta O'Lee


 From Cambodia, this amazing performer and choregrapher already have more than 15 years of stage experiences. Living now in Montreal Canada this multi disciplinary artist can wave from Hip Hop, Bellydance to Burlesque. Her devotion and love to this art is incredible, in Montreal she is the co-producer of Red Light Productions, a bellydance teacher and also a teacher at Arabesque Burlesque.  She is the Oriental flavour with a Badass taste that will make you say : << If you don’t remember her, it’s because you’ve never seen her! >> Emotional and stage killer, she will take you to a journey where her desir has no bounderies. She did many festivals since her debute, like New York , Boston, Ottawa, Montreal,Toronto and recently The Australian Burlesque Festival.  She have been named in the top 10 burlesque 2018 for Cult Magazine. 

Daisy Sunday


  Ladies and gentlepersons, this performer will knock your garters off and leave you wanting more!  She's the monster truck of burlesque Daisy Sunday Sunday Sunday!! 

Erin the Axe


  Principle dancer and choreographer for Whiskey Tango Sideshow and co-producer of The Empire Burlesque Festival, Erin the Axe has a long history of being impromptu and unpredictable on local dance floors! Erin took all sorts of dance lessons throughout her childhood -- she often fantasized about becoming a Radio City Hall Rockette when she was a big girl, but she quickly outgrew the maximum height requirement. Luckily WTS think she is just the right size— Amazonian!— and after decades of denying her true vocation she is living her girlish dream. 

Hannah the Hatchet


  Heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, Hannah the Hatchet is dancer, costumer, and choreographer--watch out she's got moves so sharp they could kill! Dancing since she could walk, preforming since she could talk, doing burlesque since she was legal--this gal will be sure to make your heart skip a beat! Hannah the Hatchet has a sizable background in music and dance ranging from lead singer in Sugar In The Raw to choreographer and performer in Central NY's premier burlesque troupe, Whiskey Tango Sideshow. Currently, Miss Hatchet is based in Detroit, MI where she preforms weekly at Cass Corridor's historic jazz lounge the Willis Show Bar and teaches Burly Moves! at the Detroit School of Burlesque. 

Kopy Cat


  Kopy Cat may have only been performing burlesque for 2 years, she has been gracing theater stages across Ontario for more than 20 years. This Mohawk beauty is known for her high energy and sultry style. In her spare time, Kopy Cat runs Ottawa’s only online directory for LGBTQ+ businesses, Dapper and Daring. She is Kopy Cat: The Original! 

Lucky Minx


  Lucky Minx is an international showgirl and a professional Lady of Leisure.  She travels North America in a fancy camper van, gallivanting on stages from coast to coast. She is known for her classic styling, paired with clever humour, and charming stage presence. She believes witty is the best sexy. 

Miami Minx


 Miami Minx came onto the Montreal burlesque scene with his charisma and extravagant looks that play with gender and sexuality. In Montreal, Miami can often be caught performing at The Wiggle Room. This cheeky little minx has a ferocious stage presence and strong energy that offers firecracker performances full of sex appeal, expression and comedy.  

Miss Isabelle Marie


  Miss Isabelle Marie is a dancer based in Los Angeles. She combines vintage style belly dance with classic burlesque 

Olive Von Topp


  Known for her story-telling antics, Olive von Topp has been amusing and shocking audiences since 2013. Hailing from the royal city of Guelph, ON, where she teaches and produces burlesque, this little tramp is anything but tame. Now she struts her stuff across North American stages, often with her favourite flirts, The Femmes Rebelles. You may recognize her from such productions as The Bagel Burlesque Expo, The Montreal Burlesque Festival, The Ottawa Burlesque Festival, Capital Burlesque Expo, The Toronto Burlesque Festival, and the New York Burlesque Festival.  

Penny Romanoff


  Penny Romanoff is a savoury dish – best served hot! A Montreal-based performer, Penny has had the great pleasure of performing both locally and internationally​, from Boston to Beijing and from Toronto to Tokyo. This saucy lady combines dance and theatre to strip, strut, tease and titillate. With her delicious routines, Penny delights in stirring audiences up in their seats. 

Rita Ann'tique


  Originally from Calgary, AB, Rita Ann’tique is a burlesque baby and up-and-coming showgirl in Toronto. As a company member of High Society Cabaret, Rita has performed on many stages in Toronto and across Canada including The Toronto Burlesque Festival and the Edmonton Burlesque Festival in 2018 and The Bagel Burlesque Festival in Montreal. With a BFA in Dance specializing in Choreography and Performance from York University, Rita is not only a technically trained dancer, but a powerful performer with the ability to seduce audiences with her comedy and class.  

Newfound Lad


 Newfound Lad is a burlesque performer and professional dancer based in Toronto, Canada. The newest member of BoylesqueTO, he made his burlesque debut in April 2017. In his brief stint of performing, Lad has performed in over 10 cities across North America. He has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender 2018 where BoylesqueTO took home “Most Comedic”, the Edmonton Burlesque Festival Bunny Competition 2018, the Toronto Burlesque Festival and the New York Boylesque Festival. Newfound Lad is ready to hook, line, and sink his way into your heart. 

Rita N. Wink


 Rita N. Wink has been called the little ray of sunshine to light up a show—Rita is a burlesque performer, costumer, and pin-up enthusiast based in Brooklyn, New York. By day she sews costumes for artistic and respectable theaters, but by night she takes those costumes, wraps them in rhinestones, and throws them on the floor. She's taken the stage at the Empire Burlesque Festival in Ithaca, the New Jersey Burlesque Festival, the Vermont Burlesque Festival, and the Caput Mundi International Burlesque Awards in Rome; and all within her first year of performing! Rita's passionate theatricality and enthusiasm for costume and fashion history brings a timeless celebration of beauty and joy to every stage she graces. 

The Femmes Rebelles

The Femmes Rebelles are performing in Ottawa's Fifth Annual Capital Burlesque Expo!

 The Femmes Rebelles, hailing from Guelph Ontario, are their region's premier burlesque troupe. Olive Von Topp, Lilith Lemons, and Ruby Moon joined forces in 2014 in the interest of providing their community with high quality, variety style entertainment. By combining their individual styles, The Femmes Rebelles offer a truly unique stage experience.